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MEC India Program - Microfinance for Induction Cookstoves: Audited Documents

Details of and access to audited documents for MEC India clean cooking (induction cookstoves) carbon program.

MEC Response To Down To Earth Article on Household Projects in Voluntary Carbon Market in India

MEC Clarifies its Position Vis-à-Vis Article Published in Down To Earth Magazine

A Journey of Impact and Innovation

Reflections on MEC's milestones and vision for the future of clean energy finance

MEC Mongolia Project FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about MEC's Mongolia Project

MicroEnergy Credits - All About The Mongolia Project

All you want to know about MicroEnergy Credits carbon funding programs in Mongolia

Project Additionality to Bolster Integrity of Carbon Credits: Common Practice Analysis in Mongolia Projects

MicroEnergy Credits follows a robust process to ensure that all its carbon projects are strictly additional and have high social impact.

MicroEnergy Credits is the most trusted name in social impact carbon credits.

Our mission is to empower every microfinance community with access to affordable and innovative clean energy solutions, while moving towards a world free of both poverty and climate change.