Clean Energy By and For Your Members

MEC helps microfinance institutions launch and scale clean energy lending programs. And they are doing it by empowering their own members. Join the community of microfinance institutions innovating to help every member become a clean energy leader.
Women take the lead on Clean Energy
When MicroEntrepreneurs like Maya become empowered clean energy leaders, they benefit from clean air and safe water. They see fewer illnesses, better educational outcomes and more prosperity. And they spread the word to their communities.
Women transforming communities with clean energy
How can funding from carbon credits support your community?
Awareness Building
Last Mile Distribution
After Sales Service

Clean Energy  Demonstrators come from the local communities they serve. Often they have been microfinance members or loan officers in the past. Demonstrating clean energy is a valuable source of income for them. Further, they become trusted community clean energy leaders. This builds up a long term “human capital” in the community around clean energy.

The households buy the clean energy products, typically at the market price. This is a best practice from the microfinance sector.

Give-away programs destroy the local economy because when you give away products, any local supplier or retailer of that product then must go out of business. No one will ever pay money for a product that they think should be given to them for free.

MEC supports the local suppliers and retailers with training and startup capital. Local suppliers are part of the economic fabric of the community.

Microentrepreneurs do not have to worry that their clean energy product will break. If a product breaks they can bring it to their local microfinance group leader to access after sales support.

MEC partners grow climate impact
By joining a community of best practice micro finance institutions, our partners increase their capacity for climate action.
Average Clients (5 years)

Typical MFIs are able to reach several hundred thousand clients with clean energy within 5 years of joining the MEC program.

In our partners words
Here's what our micro finance institution partners have to say.

MicroEnergy Credits is the most trusted name in social impact carbon credits.

Our mission is to empower every microfinance community with access to affordable and innovative clean energy solutions, while moving towards a world free of both poverty and climate change.