Empowering micro entrepreneurs through carbon finance

MicroEnergy Credits partners with communities of micro entrepreneurs to make the transition to clean energy on their journey out of poverty. Leveraging decades of expertise, we provide communities with funding to take control of their clean energy future, while providing corporations and sovereigns with carbon credits with verifiable impact.
Our Mission
As a trusted provider of social impact carbon credits, we seek to empower every community by providing access to affordable, modern clean energy services. We aim to create a world free of both poverty and climate change.
The Story of Krishna Devi
“I am free of sickness.”

Krishna Devi has transformed her life with clean energy.
By adopting an efficient stove, she eliminated indoor air pollution. Her health improved, and she saved time and money with reduced fuel use.
Less wood use reduces deforestation in her area.

Households benefiting
from clean energy
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Impact at Scale
Local communities are changing for good with sustainable clean energy.
Households reached
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By working with microfinance communities on local awareness of clean energy opportunities, product delivery to remote areas, and aftersales service, MEC creates the conditions necessary for sustainability and scale.

Each dollar of carbon funding generates 10 dollars of credit for entrepreneurs to spend on clean energy products.

This is important because such investment supports a healthy green economy at the local community level.

Together, Microfinance communities have created one of the largest community carbon programs yet registered with the UN.

Corporations and sovereigns empower communities for climate action
Funding microentrepreneurs creates real change with dignity.
Organizations can partner with women entrepreneurs to bring their communities on the path to a planet free from climate change.
“Poverty forces people to spend more money on the most polluting forms of energy, harming their health, opportunities and savings. Smoky kerosene and traditional wood stoves are two examples. MEC communities turn this dynamic on its head. Climate microfinance is the catalyst which helps them mobilize their capital for clean energy investments like solar and efficient stoves. These climate leaders are the center of an inclusive clean energy transition.”
April Allderdice, Co-founder and CEO, MEC
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Our 3 Pillars
An approach that maximizes client centred impact.
Our founders spent ten years working in microfinance understanding the community dynamics which result in consistent wealth creation, health improvement, local jobs and improved education.

As a result, MEC came away with an approach that maximizes client-centered impact.
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When clients choose which clean energy product they want, and they invest their own money to purchase it, they are more likely to value it. Their choices drive energy product design, and they become the architects of their own clean energy future.
Leverage Carbon
Funding 10x
MEC works within microfinance institutions to support them to mobilize private capital for clean energy microloans. The clients save money their first month, and carbon funding is used efficiently for the activities private capital doesn’t fund. In this way each carbon dollar goes much further.
Support Local
Giveaway programs mean close of business for local clean energy suppliers. By supporting clients to buy clean energy at market price, MEC supports a sustainable local economy of jobs, retailers, microfinance, demonstrators and entrepreneurs.
Verifiable Climate Impact
Empowered microentrepreneurs transform their homes, communities and countries.

MEC’s cloud tech enables precise and reliable carbon monitoring.

MEC has built a cloud based monitoring technology which allows remote microfinance community leaders to efficiently communicate the performance of the clean energy installations.

We consistently monitor client satisfaction with their clean energy products. The combination of the auditable trail and customer satisfaction leads to high quality carbon credits.

Building communities of entrepreneurs.

A core feature of microfinance community building are weekly group meetings. During these meetings microentrepreneurs support each other’s businesses.

Through MEC’s program, awareness of clean energy becomes a weekly practice. Our goal is to make clean energy a component of every home and business financial decision in every village.

Our program has a dramatic impact on the lives of individual micro entrepreneurs.

The results of your climate action commitment:

  • Homes that are free from the smoke of kerosene and traditional biomass stoves.
  • Rooms that are well lit for evening homework, cooking or income generation.
  • Clean water that won’t cause disease.
  • Knowledgeable climate leaders in each community.

Your commitment is making a real difference, to real people, allowing them to move out of poverty.

About Us
A climate solution powered by women micro entrepreneurs.

MEC empowers microentrepreneurs, mostly women, to access affordable clean energy such as solar lighting, efficient stoves and water purifiers.

Our key values are:
• High quality social impact carbon credits
• Funding for communities of women microentrepreneurs
• Catalyzing the shift to clean energy and preventing deforestation

MEC’s founders came from a deep background working in the microfinance sector focused on product innovation and information technology. MEC received early support from development institutions such as the IFC and microfinance networks, as well as a catalytic early carbon purchase by Microsoft, and is now funded by Social Impact Investors led by the Insitor Impact Fund.

With an unmatched network of microfinance institutions, MEC continues to innovate to channel funding and expertise in support of women microentrepreneurs world wide.

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MicroEnergy Credits is the most trusted name in social impact carbon credits.

Our mission is to empower every microfinance community with access to affordable and innovative clean energy solutions, while moving towards a world free of both poverty and climate change.