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MEC India Clean Energy Program: Co-Benefits - Fostering Community Empowerment

Paving the Way Towards a Sustainable Future MicroEnergy Credits (MEC) programs, backed by carbon finance, play a crucial role in bridging the gap between clean energy solutions and communities in need. Employing a holistic approach, MEC addresses challenges encompassing energy drudgery, awareness, pricing, finance, and after-sales services, ensuring a sustained impact on the communities it […]

MicroEnergy Credits Carbon Program: Stringent Measures Ensuring No Over-Crediting of Emission Reductions

Over-crediting in the context of carbon reduction/avoidance projects pertains to issuing more emission reductions than are achieved or attributable to a project. To mitigate this potential risk, MicroEnergy Credits (MEC) adopts various safeguards throughout project implementation. These range from program-level safeguards aligned with the IC-VCM’s Core Carbon Principles to technology-level safeguards based on the latest […]

Ensuring No Over-Crediting of Emission Reductions Due to Double Counting: Stringent Data Management and Exclusive Partnership Contracts

MicroEnergy Credits (MEC) is committed to the ICVCM’s Core Carbon Principles and ensuring that emission reductions from its program are not double counted. According to IC-VCM, the “GHG emission reductions or removals from the mitigation activity shall not be double counted, i.e., they shall only be counted once towards achieving mitigation targets or goals” (ICVCM, […]

MEC India Program - Microfinance for Solar Lighting & Water Purifiers: Audited Documents

Details of and access to audited documents for MEC India solar lighting and safe drinking water solutions program.

MEC Africa Program – Microfinance for Solar Lamps & Efficient Cookstoves: Project Design & Monitoring Documents

Details of and access to audited documents for MEC Africa carbon program.

MEC India Program - Microfinance for Inverter LED Lamps: Project Design Document

Reduction of fossil-fuel based electricity consumption in rural India through energy efficient inverter LED lamps

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