MEC India Program - Microfinance for Inverter LED Lamps: Project Design Document

Posted: December 11, 2023

The purpose behind MEC’s Grouped Project “Microfinance for Inverter LED lamps in India” is to reduce fossil-fuel based electricity consumption in the rural households across India by introducing more energy efficient inverter LED lamps to replace incandescent lightbulbs (“ICLs”). An inverter LED contains a light bulb coupled with a battery system (typically Li-Ion type) such that the LED bulb will operate on mains power supply during availability and will switch to battery power when main supply is not available (for e.g., in a blackout situation). This makes the inverter LED more versatile and useful than a normal LED bulb. The inverter LEDs distributed under the grouped project will replace ICL lamps in households, which would have resulted in GHG emissions due to usage of ICL. Thus, the grouped project will lead to mitigation in GHG emissions and a range of other sustainable development benefits in the project region. The distribution of SLS is not mandated by Indian law and the grouped project is a voluntary initiative.

Click here to see the project design document.

Click here to see the project details on the Verra registry.

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