MEC Africa Program – Microfinance for Solar Lamps & Efficient Cookstoves: Project Design & Monitoring Documents

Posted: December 11, 2023

In line with our commitment to transparency and integrity, we are providing all details of and access to audited documents pertaining to our carbon programs here. This initiative aims to ensure that stakeholders have access to program details and documentation in an easy-to-use way.

MEC Africa Program – Microfinance for Solar Lamps & Efficient Cookstoves

In both rural areas of Kenya and urban areas of Uganda, the predominant means of cooking involves traditional cook stoves using charcoal, wood, or kerosene, leading to significant indoor air pollution and adverse effects on human health. The lack of grid connection or frequent power outages in these regions necessitates the use of kerosene for indoor lighting, further contributing to indoor air pollution. The proposed project activity, spearheaded by MicroEnergy Credits Corporation (MEC), aims to address these challenges through the marketing, distribution, and financing of approximately 650,000 solar lighting systems (SLS) and 10,000 improved cook stoves (ICS) in Kenya, as well as 650,000 solar lamps and 75,000 improved cook stoves in Uganda.

This comprehensive initiative targets low-income households, community organizations, and small/medium enterprises, providing them with clean and renewable energy solutions for both cooking and lighting. MEC collaborates with project partners to establish a successful clean energy-lending program, overcoming barriers such as education, pricing, finance, and supply and aftersales service. The program includes training for project partners in implementing the lending initiative and incorporates a robust carbon credit monitoring and tracking system to quantify and document carbon emission reductions achieved through the adoption of clean energy. The utilization of carbon finance ensures the expansion and sustainability of the clean energy program in both regions. This report delves into the details of these initiatives, exploring their impact on environmental sustainability, human health, and the overall well-being of communities in Kenya and Uganda.

Project Design Documents

1VCS Design Document for Verra ID 2835
2VCS Design Document for Verra ID 2836  
3VCS Design Document for Verra ID 2837  
4VCS Design Document for Verra ID 2838 
5VCS Design Document for Verra ID 2839 

Monitoring Reports

1Monitoring Report for Verra ID 2835  
2Monitoring Report for Verra ID 2836  
3Monitoring Report for Verra ID 2837  
4Monitoring Report for Verra ID 2838 
5Monitoring Report for Verra ID 2839    

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