Clean Energy Funding – Changing One Life at a Time: Story of Mamta

Posted: February 27, 2023

The grit, determination, and can-do attitude of our women partners, who are fast emerging as clean energy leaders, is something we can all learn from. Their stories are stories of courage, where they embrace clean energy, and not only make a difference to their lives but also to the lives of many others.

By embracing clean energy alternatives, our local community partners create a positive impact on their families' well-being, addressing issues like indoor pollution, respiratory ailments, water-borne diseases, and reducing carbon emissions. Their goal as micro-entrepreneurs is to share these benefits with others. They tirelessly travel from village to village, raising awareness and conducting product and tech demonstrations, serving as a daily source of inspiration.

Our women partners gain the means to generate and stabilize their finances, leading to financial independence. This empowerment allows them to take charge of their lives and make improved lifestyle choices that have far-reaching effects. Consequently, this strengthens families, communities, and countries, contributing to a positive global change.

With extensive experience in India, Africa, and Mongolia, MicroEnergy Credits collaborates with a diverse range of microfinance institutions (MFIs), non-banking financial corporations (NBFCs), and banks on clean energy lending programs. We build upon this experience and deep understanding of market conditions to enable the accessibility of clean energy alternatives. Working alongside our MFI partners, we empower communities to take control of their clean energy future in a way that upholds their families and local economies with dignity.

Impact Story

Meet Mamta, one of our solar bulb users who vouches for its effectiveness. Mamta has four children and they really struggled with studies in the evening as it got dark and doing pending homework was not possible. The family burnt lanterns and kerosene lamps earlier, but that led to a lot of smoke in the house and the soot spread a strange kind of darkness inside.

Their lives changed for better when they adopted solar bulbs. Mamta finds them very beneficial. The family can now finish their work even post sunset and their home is smoke-free. They also love how the light from the solar bulb spreads till far. The children are also happy as they can study even at night now. The fact that the solar bulb was easy to buy, and Mamta can pay for it in small instalments over a period of time, made it possible for this family to benefit from its many advantages.

Watch the video here.

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Our mission is to empower every microfinance community with access to affordable and innovative clean energy solutions, while moving towards a world free of both poverty and climate change.