Creating clean energy access through microfinance

MicroEnergy Credits helps microfinance institutions start clean energy lending programs, strengthens these with cloud-based technology and last-mile services, then scales them with carbon finance.

LEFT: A microfinance bank teller gives her clients the option to save money with efficient stoves and efficient home insulation. RIGHT: This savvy homeowner was the first in her neighborhood to take advantage of a microloan for efficient home insulation. Now her grandchildren stay warm and she saves money.

LEFT: This village pharmacist took a microloan so that she could use solar light rather than kerosene in her store. RIGHT: Microfinance field officers use cell phones to record carbon emissions reductions, resulting in carbon funding for their after sales service program.

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clean energy installations

Microfinance energy officers have valuable jobs providing clean energy education and after sales service to microfinance clients.


people with lower risk of cancer, heart & lung disease

This microfinance client has a reason to smile. Children who have electric light learn more and do better in school than children who depend on kerosene for lighting.

Nimal, in Uttar Pradesh, India, used a microloan to buy a solar lighting system and she began to save money from reduced kerosene expenditure in her first month.


tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced

These children have less likelihood of respiratory disease because their parents and neighbors bought clean burning stoves through their local microfinance bank. 


annual fuel saving and expenditure


people empowered with clean energy through micro finance